An appointment is needed for consultation.

To fix up an appointment

You can just ring at

  • +91 86973 58109
  • +91 84209 67959
  • +91 90510 58511

With this appointment you can just confirm the appointment and will get the serial number after reaching the clinic in person.  This system is made open 2 days in advance.

  • Appointment for consultation can only be made from front desk either in person or by telephone .  It is never done over e-mail or by ringing any other phone number.
  • Please always mention your valid phone numbers, your ID (if you have visited earlier) at the time of fixing an appointment.
  • Please note that, we have not appointed any third party like
    just, practo etc Web service agencies to offer our appointment service.
  • Ethika Clinic denies any responsibility on appointment and informant offered by them. This has been communicated to those organizations on number of times.

The patient who reached the clinic physically ahead of you gets a priority his/her turn irrespective of his/her status in the appointment sheet.

Your appointment doesn’t confirms any time, as the time needed for consultation can’t be predicted for patients who is getting the service before you.  Please have patience and you will get the same attention without any time constraint during your turn.

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