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I am going to share with you, one of the old medical discovery, which has never been applied on a community basis, because it is unprofitable to industry and the state or the government finds it impractical proposition because people are not aware of the specific need, which the medical discovery can offer.

Most of the educated non-medical people are unaware of the fact that, heart disease and strokes are preventable like polio and small pox.  But there is no quick – fix solution like vaccines, if you wish to prevent heart disease.  Since preventing heart disease requires a whole hearted commitment to a healthy life style for rest of your life, it requires more than just spending some money to buy some medicines.  We say, you can’t buy health, but you can invest your time for your health.  We are here to guide you, if you are serious, not because we will make money from this program, but because we love to do so.  The pleasure of changing a mature human is our reward.

Cardiovascular Disease


Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) 

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The standard normal values given in the above site is not appropriate for Indians.  Please check normal values of BMI for Indians below:

  • Underweight = <18
  • Normal weight = 18 – 23
  • Overweight = 23 – 29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Project beautiful life
Workshop on – Healthy living practices
applying scientific knowledge into lifestyle practices – a scientifically proven method to break the inertia of barrier of daily unhealthy habits.

Do you know?  Heart disease is preventable like Polio, Cholera and Malaria.

Heart attacks are never sudden, because that requires years of silent preparation inside your body

Medical science has provided extended life span and the average life span have increased from 40 yrs to 60 yrs in our country.

Current medical practice can increase the life span but it has two limitations:

1.    It offers its benefits to one who can buy them at an exorbitant price.  A heart attack, if treated with full support, can cost from Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 3, 00,000/-.

2.    It can’t cure the heart disease once it happens.  In other terms, it adds more years to your life but the remaining life has poor quality. You have restrictions and you need to take medicines for rest of the life.  Is that a life worth livings? 

The course on lifestyle management can offer you formula for avoiding heart disease and related chronic devastating illnesses, which will cost a little, but require lots of your active involvement.

There is no known government, non-government program to translate the proven preventive scientific methods (of preventing chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes or heart diseases) in to daily life of citizens.

Course Description

Corporate thrives on passion, sincerity, teamwork and badly suffers from poor medical status.  Most of the successful executives, managers and business people suffer from obesity, joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases.  The business institution responds to this need by offering some form of expensive medical re-imbursement packages.  With this neither the business organization nor the affected employee is truly benefited. Because the diseases are incurable, the individual’s productively is reduced.

This lifestyle management workshop will allow participants to discover the secretes of healthy diseases free living and increased productivity in a stress free way.

  Workshop Objectives

  • Develop self discipline.
  • Include exercise and stress relieving session ion to your daily routine and learn to enjoy it
  • Realize the tremendous medical benefits of physical exercise and self discipline.
  • Manage body weight
  • Develop healthy eating habits.
  • Learn to check your future cardiovascular risk status and act to rectify it.
  • Prepare your next generation to live in a better way, because the earlier the implementation of healthy living practices, better the outcomes.


    1. The workshop is delivered through sharing scientific information by audiovisual presentations by medical experts in the field and answering your queries.
    2. The participants will be screened by medical experts for pre-existing diseases, including ECG and blood sugar tests.  Those found to have diseases will be provided with guidance for next action.
    3. Supervised two session of practical indoor as well as outdoor aerobic exercise, individualized for participants age, pre-existing diseases and physical condition. (Physical exercise has been proven to by always helpful for majority of pre-existing heart diseases).
    4. Supervised two sessions of stretching exercises and yoga.
    5. Seminars on healthy eating habits and “calculate your weight reducing diets” sessions.
    6. Tips on heart friendly cooking secrets.
    7. Question and answer session.

At the end of the program you should go home with changed concepts, knowing secrets of body weight management, scientific knowledge of preventing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure & heart diseases and motivation to adhere to the healthier and enjoyable lifestyle management program.

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