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Our body is exactly what we eat & drink

Our body can be compared to a car.  It runs well and efficiently, only if we fill the fuel tank with proper fuel.   It is amazing to realize that, the most intelligent creature of earth, human, lacks the skill to choose the right food.  Wild animals in jungles and ocean life in seas knows the best food for their better survival.  Unfortunately human has to learn it by doing mistakes if driven by instinct.  In our society about 40 – 60 % people are overweight.  The lean and handsome look, with extra vigor is an invaluable asset to any human over 40.   It makes you fill 10 to 15 yrs younger and makes your obese associates envy.  Some may think the secret lies in the gene, inheritance or the body type.  That is completely wrong.   This mistaken belief comes from the fact that, obese people often clubs in families and runs through generations. This is due to faulty eating habits, which we learn and it forms a habit in our childhood and also the cooking habits, which runs in generations.  No faulty genes or hereditary defects.  You will find tribes, societies and even countries with infrequent obese people.  They have simply inherited healthy eating habits.

It certainly pays dividends to keep lean look.  It is far easier to keep lean and slim look than to shred off extra bulk of fat from your waist line once you allowed it to build up over years.  Getting rid of excess weight is a problem that only few can solve.  Statisticians have calculated that about 50 – 60 % of overweight people trying to lose weight; and only 5% secede in sustaining the lost weight.  Consequently there is a tremendous flow of new slimming diets from press, books and televisions.  Dieting is a big business now.  Some of the diets become more fashionable that the rest because of the gimmick appeal.  Quite often the commercialized diets schemes are not based on scientific principle. How could anyone hope to select the best diet from them?  Are they effective? If so, why so many people on those diets fail to sustain their weight loss?

There is one good reason why they fail.  Diets do not work until they go to the root of the problem.  The question is “Why do people get fat” and “Why do these people continue to eat more than they need when they know for sure that they are overweight and can no longer get into the cloths they used to wear?”  And why do they deliberately make themselves ugly?  “Why do they carry so much weight that can no longer do all the things they used to do easily?”  These questions must be answered honestly.  Then a sensible diet will work.

After all these years of public interest in the subject and scientific research, there is a definite way of dieting.  It has no gimmick, no magical claim, and no quick-fix solution. But it works.

Our body gets all the energy it requires for all the activities from the food we eat in a session.  In case the some portion of the food is not utilized completely by next eating session, the unutilized food gets stored in to fat for future use.   You need not to consume fat for building up fat depots in your tummy.  For the carbohydrate, the principle component of the energy giving food gets converted to fat for storage.  Fat is the currency in which excess food is stored in our body.

Why do people get fat?

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What is your ideal weight? 

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The healthy food diet

There is no gimmick, no punishment, and no sacrifice.  Hence it might have little popular appeal. But it works.  Weight reduction can be achieved without much hardship or willpower.  Provided meals are prepared from low-calorie ingredients, satisfying and bulky helpings can be enjoyed.  On healthy diet, you will steadily lose weight until you have reached a plateau of your natural weight.  And you will never regain the excess you are carrying before changing your eating habits.  Once you embark upon this effective diet, the first requirement is to stop reading other articles upon the same subject elsewhere. Remember, the slower you lose weight the greater the chance that you will be able to sustain it.  There is no crash course on diet that gives long term success.  Shortcuts and miracles have no place here, its science and pure mathematics.

Caloric Value of Indian Food

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