GautamMistriHello, my name is Dr Gautam Mistri, and I am a Cardiologist.

My job is to treat ailing people. After 25 years of my busy medical practice as consultant cardiologist, I find the present medical practices are frustrating and non-rewarding propositions. This is because most of cardiac diseases are incurable and modern hi-tech treatments are not cost-effective. If a small percentage of the resources spend in big hospitals for treating cardiac ailments can be invested in appropriate time, it can prevent such miserable and life threatening heart diseases.

Would you like the opportunity to look, feel and actually be 10 to 20 yrs younger?

I am sure you would. So would most people. Medical science says if you feel younger than your chronological age (obtained by subtracting your date of birth from current date), your internal organs will age slowly. The way you look, the way you feel and the way you act are linked inseparably. If you see a glimpse of a tired, dull face on the mirror, you start feeling and acting like that way. You lose confidence, lose interest in life and you look older than your chronological age.

But this is only half of the story. There is a much more persuasive reason for prolonging a state of youthful fitness. And that is of simple survival, by preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and much more.

There may be several definitions of happiness, but in the present context a happy person is a parson who is healthy and has peace of mind. I propose, let us take a break from the rat race and examine what this beautiful universe has in store for us to be happy.

Stay young and stay alive!

An alarming number of men and women are struck down in their prime today and it is not just middle-aged who are at risk. Heart attacks among people under 40 are surprising numerous and is gaining momentum especially in our country. All we need to strike right balance between all the factors affecting health and fitness; balance between activity and rest; between work and recreation; between essential nutrients and tasty treats.

Unfortunately, the social customs make us belief that we get older after 40. This is not true. As you cross 40, you would enter in to most exciting, enjoyable and satisfying years of your life, whilst may of the pleasures of youth are still available, the rewards of maturity begins to pour in. Most of your liabilities have been cleared by then. You are as close as ever possible to discover the truth in the saying that ….

“Life begins at 40.” You are entering in to your prime time, and can choose to stay there for much longer. It is in your power.

This is not miracle. The secret lies in using your own body & mind power to slow down the aging process. It is called “Life style modification” in medical science. Our body has the power to keep us young both by appearance as well as from within. Natures has provided our body to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate our vital organs, protects us from the pressure of modern living and allows us to adapt comfortably to ever changing situations. Remember, we are as old as our arteries (the pipes that carries blood with nutrients and oxygen from heart to all over our body), as old as we look, as old as we feel. No older!

This website contains information that I hope will help you to lead a healthier life. Please browse through the pages in the section “A Healthier Life”! Here’s wishing you a long life!


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